Orangel Unica Canada

Orange Oil

✓ White ✓ With fine pumice ✓ With pump ✓ Natural orange scent

Creamy citrus base lotion hand cleaner with fine pumice, to be used with or without water. It easily and naturally removes tough dirt such as: rust, grease, paint, tar, urethane, carbon, varnish, pine gum, adhesives, resin, cement and printer ink. It is also very efficient against stains on clothes and leather eats. Its unique formula combines exceptional cleaning power of orange oil with recurrent effects of pumice. Useful size format with pump.

  1. Unica Orangel is very effective for difficult hand cleaning with or without water.
  2. Unica Orangel contains fine pumice that removes easily tough dirt from skin’s pores and leave softness sensation to hands. Very good to removes paint, urethane and tar, where others hand cleaners fail.
  3. Accepted by Agriculture Canada - Food Production and Inspection Branch, requested for use in food plants.
  4. Unica Orangel contains moisturizing compounds and emollients such as: lanolin, glycerin and aloe vera, in order to hydrate and soften irritated skin. Gives a pleasant softness feeling, without sticky effects.
  5. Contains ingredients coming from renewable natural sources and it’s safe for the environment.
  6. Useful size format with pump.
orangel 4 x 3.6L with pump