Unicall Unica Canada


✓ Ready to use ✓ Phosphate-free ✓ Protects and shines

UNICALL is a vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber liquid protector cleaner with silicone. Its special formula creates a protective barrier to block UV rays that cause damage, fade and discolor surfaces. It penetrates to condition, slow the aging process and renew surface look to make it shine. Ideal for dashboard, vinyl seat, console, tire, trim, bumper, vinyl top and door molding.

  1. Keep vinyl, plastic, leather and rubber looking like new.
  2. Protects against UV, discoloration, fading and aging process.
  3. Its special formula, added with silicone, make the surfaces shine and renews surfaces appearance.
  4. Contains no phosphorus.
ncal03 12 x 800mL
ncal04 4 x 4L
ncal20 1 x 20L