Autosolve Unica Canada


✓ Ultra concentrated ✓ 2 in 1 degreaser solvent

AUTOSOLVE is a 100% active biodegradable liquid degreaser, that contains powerful solvents and emulsifying agents very effective against grease, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, stains from rust proof products, asphalt, ink stains, pine resin, glue etc. AUTOSOLVE has been specially formulated to be use as an engine shampoo and as parts cleaner. Its 2 in 1 formula, solvent degreaser is also very efficient for maintenance of mechanical shovel, trucks, garbage containers, asphalt panders (Beaver) and to clean concrete floors and graffiti on concrete walls.

  1. 100% active product contains no water.
  2. Contains special additives and corrosive inhibitors that help to protect cleaned surfaces.
  3. Non-corrosive.
  4. Very effective emulsifier for grease, turning white to ease the rinsing.
  5. Eliminates greasy and asphalt viscous deposits on metallic pieces and on motor of motorized vehicles.
naut20 1 x 20L