Autolave 2 Unica Canada

Autolave 2

✓ Concentrated ✓ Economical formula

AUTOLAVE 2 is a professional quality ultra concentrated biodegradable foam liquid detergent, specially formulated for cars, boats, trucks and motorcycles. It can be used for hand or automatic car washing. Its mixture of powerful detergents and its rich and abundant foam wash away dirt, road film, bugs and other contaminants and won’t attack the paint, wax, protective finish, rubber finishing bands or the chrominium. Its also contains wax that let a durable and shiny finish. Superb results on all type of paint.

  1. Less toxic and mad e from biodegradable ingredients.
  2. Have a control Ph for delicate vehicle surfaces.
natn204 4 x 4L
natn220 1 x 20L
natn246 1 x 205L