Auto Crystal Unica Canada

Auto Crystal

✓ Concentrated ✓ For manual washing ✓ With ammonia ✓ N.B .: Not for tinted glass

AUTOCRYSTAL is a super powerful cleaner specially formulated for car windows and mirrors. This product has been optimised for car and increase visibility without scattering effect. It easily removes flies and finger spots, grease, dust on car windows, chrome, mirrors and other hard surfaces without leaves deposit or residual effects. Regularly use, it avoids insects to stick on surfaces.

  1. It is biodegradable and not harmful for the environment.
  2. Made for professional use.
  3. Dry without to leave residual effect.
  4. For windows, mirrors, chrome and hard surfaces.
  5. Avoid insects to stick on surfaces at regularly use.
nauc20 1 x 20L