Max Eco Unica Canada

Max Eco
Fresh scent

✓ Hypoallergenic ✓ Gentle on baby's skin ✓ Without phosphate

MAX ECO Laundry Detergent is made of high-quality ingredients. It contains special cleaners and removers giving a remarkable efficiency to remove stubborn stains while being gentle enough for delicate fabrics. MAX ECO is super-efficient in hot, warm or cold water and is colour safe. It also contains water softeners improving the detergence and corrosive inhibitors protecting the washing machine. Without phosphate.

  1. It is biodegradable and not harmful for the environment.
  2. Has a controlled pH in order to obtain an optimal cleaning for all the loads.
  3. Has a remarkable powerful to remove stubborn stains, grease and oil.
nmax04 4 x 4L