Biosolve Extra Unica Canada

Biosolve Extra

✓ Degreaser Solvent ✓ Non-corrosive ✓ Made of Orange Oil

BIOSOLVE EXTRA removes the residues of urethane, decorative automobile markings, glue, grease and oil, silicone on the fabric, carpet, concrete, pavers and car paints without damaging the surfaces. BIOSOLVE EXTRA leaves no oily or greasy residues on the fabrics. It can be used as an engine shampoo. Can be diluted without splitting at the rate of 1:2 to 6 parts of water.
For few plastics surfaces, we recommend to make a test on hide little surface before using.

  1. Less toxic and made from biodegradable ingredients.
  2. 100% active product and they can dilute a product for decrease a final price.
  3. Contains special additives and corrosion inhibitor to protect clean metal surfaces.
  4. Very effective emulsifier for grease, turning white to ease the rinsing.
  5. Non-corrosive and non flammable.
nbiox03 12 x 800mL
nbiox20 1 x 20L
nbiox46 1 x 205L