Biosolve en gel Unica Canada

Biosolve en gel

✓ Ultra concentrated ✓ Ready to use ✓ Made with 100% orange oil natural solvent ✓ Citrus scent

BIOSOLV EN GEL is a liquid degreaser made with 100% of natural solvents. It contains only orange oil solvent (d-limonene) and biodegradable emulsifying agents. BIOSOLV EN GEL has been specially formulated for vertical surfaces so that it can dissolve easily: grease, pitch, heavy oil, asphalt, tar, urethane, coal tar, mastic, inks, paints, resin, creosote and all others kinds of heavy dirt. It can also be use on concrete surfaces and engine shampoos.

  1. Less toxic and made from biodegradable ingredients.
  2. 100% active product doesn’t contain water.
  3. Contains special additives and corrosion inhibitor to protect clean metal surfaces.
  4. Very effective emulsifier for grease, turning white to ease the rinsing.
  5. Non-corrosive
  6. Best products to control bad odours and to clean viscous deposits.
nbiog20 1 x 20L
nbiog46 1 x 205L