Biolave Unica Canada


✓ Concentrated ✓ Solvent Free ✓ Phosphate Free

BIOLAVE is a product that is used to eliminate all kind of dirt such as grease, rust, soot, acrylic paste, soap residues, grime caused by smoke, coffee, and food stains and much more. BIOLAVE is compatible with different kinds of materials like metallic pieces, plastic, stainless steel, aluminium. Not only is it biodegradable, it doesn't produce volatile emissions, phosphate, butyl or solvent. It is not corrosive and is non cancerogenic. BIOLAVE is perfect for traditional or heating pieces-washer heating up to 82°C. Also good for automatic floor brushes used in manufacturies, construction and maintenance industries.

  1. Compatible to a different material
  2. No contains emitting volatile element
  3. Phosphate, butyl and solvent free
  4. No cancerogenic and no corrosive

**Note** Some surfaces are highly sensitive to cleaning product. Always test the product on a little section of every surfaces before using it.

Application with automatic equipment:

Follow equiment instructions. Stubborn residues may require scrubbing.

Manual Application:

1. Always dilute the product following the dilution depending on the degree of dirt. (See below)

2. Apply the product on wet dirty surfaces. Wait a few minutes to let the product penetrate. Stubborn dirt may require scrubbing.

3. Rince or wipe with a damp sponge or a clean wet cloth.

Applications Dilution Ratio (Product/Water)

Light Soils 90 mL / 3.78 L

Moderate Soils 180 mL / 3.78 L - 620 mL / 3.78 L

Heavy Soils 770 mL / 3.78 L

Parts Washers,
Pressure Washers &
Automatic Scrubers 180 mL / 3.78 L

nbiol04 4 x 4L
nbiol20 1 x 20L