Camclean Unica Canada


✓ Concentrated ✓ For manual washing

CAMCLEAN is a professional quality concentrated biodegradable liquid detergent, specially formulated for trucks and heavy equipments. Its mixture of powerful detergent wash away road film, bugs, diesel soot and won’t attack the paint, wax, protective finish, rubber finishing bands or the chrome.

  1. Blue liquid containing no harmful solvent.
  2. 100% biodegradable and contains natural additives.
  3. Contains a mixture of softening agents.
  4. Contains a unique blend of corrosive inhibitors.
  5. Mix easily in soft or hard water cold or hot.
  6. Produce a controlled lather permitting the operator to see areas of the vehicle that were cleaned.
ncac20 1 x 20L
ncac46 1 x 205L