Biopin Unica Canada


✓ Ultra concentrated ✓ Pine oil base ✓ Natural pine scent

BIOPIN is a biodegradable antibacterial all purpose cleaner. It special formula with pine oil and natural soap base, that allows the cleaning of floors in public washrooms, shower stalls and locker rooms. It contains no solvent and it is soft enough to clean porcelain, ceramic tile and stainless steel. Leaves a nice and natural pine smell.

  1. It is biodegradable, phosphate free and not harmful for the environment.
  2. Ideal for floors.
  3. Not flammable.
  4. Dissolves easily grease and filth of all kinds and leaves a nice and natural pine odour.
  5. Safe for porcelain, ceramic tiles and stainless steel.
  6. Entirely made from natural solvent.
npin04 4 x 4L
npin10 2 x 10L
npin20 1 x 20L