Bioneutre à l'orange Unica Canada

Bioneutre à l'orange

✓ Ultra concentrated ✓ Safe for finish shine ✓ Neutral PH ✓ Light orange scent

BIONEUTRE À L’ORANGE is a neutral detergent controlled suds ultra concentrated for coated floors. Will not affect the floor finish shine and leaves no residual film. It lets a light orange scent. BIONEUTRE À L’ORANGE is ideal to clean without rinsing, wood floors, wood trims and all other hard surfaces such as: linoleum, walls, marbre, tiles, etc.

  1. Orange Oil Base
  2. Floor & Hard Surfaces
  3. Will Not Affect The Finish Shine
nnor04 4 x 4L
nnor20 1 x 20L
nnor46 1 x 205L