Bioneutre 2 Unica Canada

Bioneutre 2

✓ Ultra concentrated ✓ Safe for finish shine ✓ Neutral PH ✓ Discreet floral scent

BIONEUTRE 2 is an ultra concentrated, neutral detergent with controlled suds for waxed floors. It will not affect the floor’s luster or leave a residual film. It releases a light fruit scent. BIONEUTRE 2 is ideal to clean, no rinsing needed, wood floors, wood trims and all other hard surfaces such as: linoleum, walls, marbre, tiles, etc.

  1. Makes surfaces bright and clean while letting a cool floral odour.
  2. It is biodegradable and has a neutral pH of 7.
  3. Has been specially formulated to be use on the wood trims and walls.
  4. Doesn’t let any film or mark after a regular cleaning.
nneu204 4 x 4L
nneu220 1 x 20L