Deterchlore Unica Canada


✓ Ultra concentrated ✓ Cleans & sanitizes 2 in 1 ✓ Chlorine

DETERCHLORE is a high quality biodegradable ultra concentrated liquid detergent, specially formulated for automatic dishwashing machine. With 100% active cleaning ingredients, it produces no lather and it effectively and easily removes deposit on utensils, stainless steel, glassware and porcelain without damage it. His special 2 in 1 formula contains an efficient sanitizer that can disinfect and cleans the dishes in one step.

  1. It is biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.
  2. Its special formula of active cleaning ingredients easily removes deposits, grease and stubborn stains from dishes.
  3. Contains anti-scaling agents that protect dishes and dishwashers.
  4. Cleans and disinfects effectively in one step.
  5. Safe for stainless steel, glassware and porcelain.
  6. Does not foam.
  7. Because it contains sodium hypochlorite, this product can be used at low temperatures.
ndch04 4 x 4L
ndch20 1 x 20L