Biogerm - DIN 02251388 Unica Canada

Biogerm - DIN 02251388

✓ Concentrated ✓ Antiseptic ✓ Discreet lemon scent

BIOGERM is a concentrated cleaner and disinfectant for efficient cleaning and sanitizing. It is safe on floors, walls, woodwork and all washable surfaces and effective at wide range of temperatures and water hardness. Recommended for use in hospital, schools, public buildings, offices, hotels, factories and washrooms.

  1. Kills 99.9% of germs.
  2. Cleans and sanitizes in one easy step.
  3. Has some emulsifying properties that prevents dirt incrustation.
  4. Acts instantaneously, is economical and requires little efforts.
  5. It is easy to rinse and it is biodegradable.
nger04 4 x 4L
nger20 1 x 20L