Micro Orange - DIN 02292645 Unica Canada

Micro Orange - DIN 02292645
Orange Oil

✓ Ultra concentrated ✓ With orange oil ✓ Natural orange scent ✓ Disinfectant

MICRO ORANGE is a powerful biodegradable citrus degreaser. Its special formula made from natural and biodegradable citrus solvents, emulsifiers and dispersers have specially mixed in a fast action micro-emulsion that degreases and cleans all washable surfaces. It also has a large antibacterial spectral that kills all harmful bacteria. Ideal to clean walls, counters, kitchen hood, bathroom, floor (concrete, wood, ceramic, canvas cover).

  1. It is biodegradable and entirely made from natural solvents.
  2. Not flammable and low rage of toxicity.
  3. Contains powerful antibacterial agents.
  4. Dissolves easily grease and all type of dirt.
  5. Controls odours with its pleasant and natural citrus scent.
  6. May be use as soaking solution.
nmic04 4 x 4L
nmic20 1 x 20L
nmic46 1 x 205L