Ecolomax 2 Unica Canada

Ecolomax 2

✓ Concentrated ✓ Economical formula

ECOLOMAX 2 is an extremely efficient cleaner degreaser, ideal for heavy duty degreasing. Its powerful cleaning agents begin to work immediately by suspending, emulsifying and floating away ink, soot, carbon, grease, wax, soil, dirt, oil, black streaks and stains of all type on all washable surfaces without damaging the finish! For industrial or residential cleaning task, interior or exterior. Immediate and unbelievable results on all type of indoor or outdoor finish (brick, aluminium, PVC, vinyl, glass fibre, marble, melamine), concrete pave, pool, spa, hardwood or laminate floor, all type of fabric covering (armchair, chair), kitchen appliance, range hood, floor covering (linoleum, ceramic tiles, carpeting), electronic filter, sporting good, all type of vehicles (car, truck, motor home, boat, ATV, snowmobile), heavy machinery, motor, machine parts, tires, mag wheels, spoke wheels, and car interior. It can also be use as drains and pipes disinfectant, stain remover and washing softener. The only cleaner you need for any cleaning works!

  1. It is biodegradable, phosphate free and not harmful for the environment.
  2. Not flammable.
  3. Powerful cleaner degreaser that easily dissolves all type of dirt, on all type of surfaces without damage it.
  4. Safe for fabrics and coverings.
  5. The only cleaner you need for any works.
neco204 4 x 4L
neco220 1 x 20L
neco246 1 x 205L