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Domestic Dishwasher

Liquid Descaler Automatic Dishwasher DETROX

DETROX are descaling agent used to remove lime scales and deposits inside dishwasher’s tank, coffee machines and clean stainless steel. This product descales, eliminates the tarnishing and emphasizes the shine of stainless steel without living residues. DETROX is a product without phosphorus that damage metal, dishes and glassware. It prevents premature wearing from the heating elements.

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DÉTERGEL Ultra Concentrated Domestic Dishwasher Gel Detergent

DETERGEL is a high quality biodegradable ultra concentrated gel dishwasher detergent with rinse aid. It has been specially formulated to dissolve quickly and getting to work right away! Because it is in gel, you can avoid mess, it produces no lather and it effectively and easily removes deposit on utensils, stainless steel, glassware and porcelain without damage it....
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RINCEMATIC is a biodegradable ultra concentrated dishwasher rinse aid, it neutralize the harsh elements in the dishwasher that cause corrosion, and then rinses away the residues that can leave water spots, film or thread behind and makes dishes dry easier, for shiny results. It is specifically formulated to prevent etching and permanent cloudiness on glassware and help keep it looking like new. RINCEMATIC is as efficient at low or high temperature and can be use for plastic tray, glassware, plate and plastic dishes....
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